Gorge Vorderkaser St. Martin

Gorge Vorderkaser St. Martin ,Austria Length in KM NA Effort easy Cost average Written by: John
2 hours

Summary: Follow the trail through this breathtaking natural monument

More info: About 12,000 to 14,000 years ago when the glaciers from the ice age started melting away, the water dug its way into the hard rock and left an impressive gorge through which Ödenbach river ran. Until today, the river cuts deeper into the rock face - six millimetres every year. Follow the trail through this breathtaking natural monument! Your walk will take you over 51 catwalks, 35 stairs and as many as 373 individual steps. On your way to Vorderkaserklamm gorge you will pass a protected valley - a magnificent recreational and bathing area.
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Address: Obsthurn 42 5092 St. Martin - Austria
How to get there: Either you go in a private car (free parking space available) or you go by bicycle on Tauern cycle path.

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