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Gradec Summer Cinema
Gradec Summer Cinema
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Visit Katarina Square and enjoy the unique Gradec Summer Cinema under the stars!

Katarinin trg 10000, Zagreb

Gradec Summer Cinema is something that brings together a lot of art fans and it’s completely free! It’s basically an open-air screening of art films and movies which won at festivals. The even is located in the medieval Gradec, an absolutely wonderful part of the city.


If you love movies or just love to spend some time outside with friends and/or family, this is the perfect opportunity for that! If you’re scared that there won’t be any place to sit by the time you arrive, you can always make a reservation!


This is the perfect place for relaxing and having a fun evening outside of the comfort of your apartment or house.


Also, this part of the city is really interesting, so before you hit the open-air cinema, you might want to check out some of the tourist destination which can be found right there, under your nose!


You can find more on the subject (the exact date and time of the event) on their web page.


This is also a great location for a romantic date. Watching a movie under the beautiful summer night sky! Who wouldn’t like that?


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