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The Great Morava River

Photo credit: Fif' via / CC BY-SA
The Great Morava River
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The beautiful riverside of The Great Morava River in Serbia will leave you speechless.

Restorant 'Splav', 10. oktobar, Velika Plana 011320
Make sure you bring your repellent with you since mosquitoes near The Great Morava River are hard to avoid.

The Great Morava river is a river in Serbia. It flows through the territory called Pomoravlje which has the most fertile land in Serbia. Apart from being the most fertile part of Serbia, Pomoravlje is also the most populated area in this country.


The Great Morava river is formed near the place called Stalać where the two other Moravas join – the confluence of The West Morava river and The South Morava river. The total length of these three Moravas is 788 km and only The Great Morava river is 185 km long.


The West Morava river is the longest Morava in Serbia and it is 308 km long flowing through a few big and beautiful towns – Čačak, Kraljevo, Trstenik, and Kruševac.


Flowing north, The Great Morava river meets the river Danube near towns Smederevo and Kostolac and it is navigable only 3 km from its mouth.