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Famous for its circular stepped pyramids

Zona Arqueológica Guachimontones, Carretera Estatal 604 Guadalajara-San Marcos km 56, Gral. Lucio Blanco, 46762 Teuchitlán, Jal. Mexico

Guachimontes is a prehispanic archaeological site located an hour drive west of the metropolitan city of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco. The feature of the ruins are its circular stepped pyramids that stand in the middle of equally circular complexes. The site was a center of the Teuchitlan society, that existed from 300 BC until around 1000 AD, but it is hypothesized that its foundation goes back to the Aztecs.

The main and most recognized sight is a pyramid located on the center of the largest venue. With multiple layers and four staircases, it was built using stone, lime and clay. A small temple stands at the top and a spring on the right, which most likely provided water to the ritual gardens.

Another sight to note is the Iguana, the second largest complex with a diameter of 115 meters and surrounded by ten platforms.