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Guadalupe Canyon

  • (worth a detour)
  • 1-2 km
  • Moderate
  • Average
  • full day
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An other-wordly oasis found in the desert of Baja California

Located in the Baja California peninsula just 80 kilometers (50 miles) from the Unites States border and 94 kilometers (58 miles) from the Mexican city of Mexicalli is a surreal-looking oasis of green sulfurous water as well as other smaller natural pools around it. The oasis is located in the heart of the arid Cucapa Sierra. There is a small palm tree forest from where food is gathered for nearby villages.


Activities include bathing in geothermal waters, mud baths, enjoying the sights of waterfalls, hiking, rock climbing, camping, sun bathing, watching top-notch sunsets and deserts, and more. There are also barbecue grills available, which makes it a perfect place for family or friend reunions. Star-gazing at night is another fun activity to do at night as the sights are quite breath-taking.


There are some caves located about a two hour hike away from the main site and inside them are paintings that date back to over 10,000 years ago. The hike is quite strenuous but well worth it.


Undoubtedly another example of the unusual geology in Mexico hat looks as though someone simply imagined other-wordly locations and decided to paint them. It is often described as “an utopia” or a “paradise” due to its beauty and peacefulness.

Opening hours

Open 24/7 from October until May