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Visit one of their many gyms in Zagreb!

Check the website. There are many of these gyms in Zagreb!

Gyms4You has opened a couple of gyms all over Croatia, and as you can read in the main article, if you get a membership pass in one of them, you can visit any of the other gyms at any location!


Gyms4You is open all day every day, which is great because sometimes people don’t get to visit the gym during the daytime because of work, or some personal stuff. Also, if you’re shy or don’t feel comfortable working out in front of a bunch of unknown people, you can work out at night when there are fewer people at the gym.


The membership prices are a bit higher than usual, so a daily pass costs approximately 14€.


They offer qualified trainers as well as individual trainings if you need it.


Their gyms have AC, huge spaces to work out at, modern equipment and many more! Don’t be a fool, if you want to work out at an awesome place with awesome people, check out Gyms4You! You won’t regret it!


You can find them in Osijek, Zadar, Šibenik and Zagreb!