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Hadzi Prodan Cave

Haji Prodan’s cave ". Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons Wikimedia
Hadzi Prodan Cave
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An archaeological Palaeolithic site and natural monument

Milinka Kušića 47, 32250 Ivanjica

Hadzi Prodan’s Cave is an archaeological Palaeolithic site and natural monument located near the village of Lisa, not far from Ivanjica. The cave has a narrow and tall entrance facing south, a forty meters long corridor long and two halls. Excavations begun in 2003 with the intention to renew the Church of the Holy Archangel Michael, which is located in front of the cave. When working on the renovation of the entrance to the cave, remains of prehistoric ceramics and Pleistocene fauna were found. The aim of the excavation was to check the stratigraphic position of the findings. Excavations were carried out over an area of 16 m². The research involved five horizons, where they found the remains of bears, wolves, ibex and various rodents and birds. Most Palaeolithic findings unearthed at the plateau in front of the cave.

Artifacts made of quartz, two cushions, blades and many other interesting things were also found.

Opening hours

8:00 - 16:00