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Hohe Strasse

Photo credit: Eoghan OLionnain / Foter / CC BY-SA
Hohe Strasse
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Cologne's shopping street

Hohe Strasse (“High Street”) is a shopping street in Cologne, Germany, located adjacent to the plaza where the famous Cologne Cathedral is located. It is a pedestrian zone and one of the city’s oldest and busiest streets.


The street was the Cardo Maximus of the city during Roman times and even back then, it was full of shops and offices as wells as important buildings including a forum, temples and a Praetorium. Later on in history, a quarter of the street became the Jewish quarter of Cologne and later on in the year 1388, the University of Cologne was built in the street. It became the busy shopping street we know today during the 19th century. Many things are sold at the shop, but the items passer-bys can see the most are clothes from many price ranges and for any age.