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Hohenwerfen Castle

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Hohenwerfen Castle
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The backdrop to “Do-Re-Mi” in the Sound of Music

Burgstraße 2, 5450 Werfen, Austria
Adults: € 11.30
Children up to 14: € 10.40

Hohenwerfen Castle stands inbetween the Berchtesgaden Alps, 40 kilometers south of the popular city of Salzburg. It was built between 1075 and 1078 as a strategic bulwark along with two other castles in order to protect the Salzburg archbishopric from the army of Henry IV. Hohenwerfen served as the residence, hunting retreat and military base of Salzburg’s rulers for centures.


Interesting facts about the castle:

  • During the German Peasant’s War, farmers and miners began a fire and severely damaged the castle while rioting.
  • At one point, it was used as a state prison. For this reason, the castle has a somewhat bad reputation due to the inhumane conditions the prisoners (some of which were innocent) lived there.
  • After WWII, it became a training camp.
  • The castle is the backdrop to “Do-Re-Mi” in the Sound of Music.


Today, the castle can be visited and tourists can indulge in numerous attractions offered. You can take a guided tour and see the castle’s weapon collection, explore the fortress tavern or see flight demonstrations of varios birds of prey in the Falconry Center.