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Hortobágy National Park

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The largest semi-natural grassland in Europe

Hortobágy National Park, in Hungarian “Hortobágy nemzeti” Park is the first National Park in Hungary and the largest protected area (82 thousand hectares) in the eastern area of the country. Aside from that, it the largest semi-natural grassland in the whole European continent. Hortobágy is the plainest part of the Great Hungarian Plains and it is part of the Tisza Plain of eastern Hungary. It is surrounded by settlements to the south, east and west. It is mostly famous for its beautiful landscapes and the different species of birds that inhabit the area.


Traditional forms of land use, such as the grazing of domestic animals, have been present in the area for over two thousand years.


The park was first established in January 1st, 1979 and so far, 324 different bird species have been registered in Hortobágy. The Hortobágy Wild Animal Park shows some of the animals that lived here before the appearance of human kind, but were driven to extinction by the spread of civilization. Wolves, Jackals, Przewalski’s Horses, Vultures, Pelicans, and other wild animals still living in the protected areas.


The Hortobágy National Park belongs to the UNESCO world heritage sites since 30th November of 1999.


Attractions inside of the National Park:

  • Hortobágy Wild Animal Park
  • Narrow Gauge Railway of Hortobágy Great Fishponds
  • Csárda Museum
  • Round Museum (Körszin Museum)
  • Herdsmen Museum
  • Bird Clinic
  • Puszta Zoo Rare Breeds Park
  • Stud of Málta