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Hotel Of Ice In Balea Lake, Romania

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The Hotel of Ice is a unique hotel in Romania perfect for anniversaries and special occasions

Balea Lac, Cîrţişoara 117040
In addition to the Ice Restaurant you can spend the winter evenings in the rustic ambience of Chalet´s Balea Lac restaurant. Here you will find all kinds of Transylvanian and Romanian dishes: soups and ciorbe (sour soups), meat and fish dishes as well as traditional desserts from the area. Try especially the venison specialties and the fresh trout.
Try the cocktails which are not served in ordinary glasses but in glasses carved in ice.
~100 euro/night

The first ice hotel in Romania  was constructed during the winter of 2005/2006. As the first building of its kind in Eastern Europe, success came immediately – approximately 3000 local and foreign tourists visited it. Located at the top of the Carpathians, the “Hotel of Ice – Balae Lac” project was begun by Arnold Kingeis and its aim is to promote the touristic potential of the Fagaras Mountains. The creation and development of a strong tourism brand for Lake Balea Lac, combining natural resources with an innovative and dynamic entertainment.


As the ice project grew bigger, we developed new features like an Ice Bar, an Ice Restaurant, the Ice Church and a Winter Park for Ski and Snowboard lovers. Each season, the project includes a series of events organized on occasion of the most important holidays and special events of the main partners and sponsors. All rooms have ice beds with comfortable mattress, covered with bed-sheets and soft furs. Guests are also provided with a sleeping bag for the night.


In addition to tourists, Hotel of Ice drew attention of the Romanian media as well as of international journalists. Also, several bands and artists from the world of Romanian music and various celebrities from show business performed at Hotel of Ice, filmed videos, TV programs or organized photo shoots. From year to year, the Hotel of Ice’s popularity grew, climbing about 8,000 visitors each season at Balea Lake to visit the attraction. The Hotel of Ice is (re)built every year using four-feet long ‘bricks’ made from ice from the nearby Balea Lake. Every year this unique hotel features a new design.


Next to the hotel, there is an Ice Church where youngest guests can get baptized, young (age or / and heart) guests can get married and the most experienced guests can celebrate their Silver, Gold or Dimond wedding anniversary.


The first step of every year is the building of the Ice Church represents the sanctifying of Balea Lac’s water. This ceremony is held by the representatives of the orthodox, romano-ratholic and evangelic churches – the region’s most important confessions. The unique Ice Church measures about 4 meters high and its architecture is based on an old church located in Malancrav, Sibiu County. In a short time the little Church became famous among tourists, regardless of their religious beliefs. In the five years of existence a series of religious services were held in the Ice Church by representatives of different Christian confessions. In the same period, two religious weddings and three baptisms took place in this Lord’s house at Balea Lac. This season, two couples have already booked their stay at the Hotel of Ice to celebrate their wedding.


Features & Activities you can do here: Snow-shoeing, ice sculpting, ice skating, sledging and snow mobile. Delicious meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) are served on ice tables. Guests will seat on ice chairs and most cold dishes are served on (even colder) ice plates. The food is carefully prepared at Balea Lake Chalet and brought to the Restaurant by our staff.

How to get there

The nearest airport is the one in Sibiu, then drive along DN1. You can also go by train to the Avrig Station, then arrange with the staff to go with their bus.

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  • Hotel Of Ice In Balea Lake, Romania
Hotel Of Ice In Balea Lake, Romania