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National Assembly

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One of the famous landmarks of Belgrade

Nikola Pasic Square 13, 11000 Belgrade

The building of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia is the object that is located at the beginning of King Alexander Boulevard. The edifice was built from 1907 to 1936.
Its construction, with interruptions and participation of Serbian architects of the first half of the 20th century, reflects the turbulent history of Serbian and Yugoslav parliament. The parliament building is designed as a monumental and representative, as a freestanding building, with a dynamic plan.
The interior of the building was done with special care after the design by architect Nikola Krasnov. In 1939 two big decorative sculptural groups in bronze, the work of sculptor Toma Rosandić, called “Black Stallions Playing”, were placed in front of the main entrance.
In the Turkish time, on this place existed the greatest mosque in Belgrade, Batal mosque, which was completely demolished in the 19th century.

Opening hours

National Assembly is not open for public. Visits are possibile only via Tourist organization of Belgrade. You have to reserve your place a week in advance.

How to get there

Take a walk from Terazije square.