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Hrastovlje – Holy Trinity Church

Hrastovlje – Holy Trinity Church
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We all end up as equals…

6275 Črni Kal
Local cuisine from people of Hrastovlje, local restaurants.

Hrastovlje is a small town in the heart of Slovenian Istra mainland. Church of the Holy Trinity is a great example of 15th Century post-roman architecture. It is a great retreat for those who seek for more authentic or religious touristic experiences. The church itself lies about 20 km outside of Istrian the capital of Koper.

The interesting aspect of this small old church is the preservation of several painted fresco. The most prominent fresco is called the Dance of Death, it shows dancing skeletons from different social classes on their way to the grave, where they all end up as equals. In the town Hrastovlje you can discover hidden treasures of the Slovenian Istra.

Holy Trinity Church in Hrastovlje is one of the most charming small churches in Slovenia. Located behind a stone wall, built in a traditional Karst way and with not many windows, this church demands attentions from every visitors passing by. And it is not only the outside image that is worth seeing, the interior is also quite unique. Gloominess combined with tradition religious paintings, spooky silence and dramatic feeling make this church a unique experience you should not miss.

Interior of the Hrastovle Holy Trinity Church was painted in 1490 by John from Karst. The most famous paintings are Genesis and The death dance. Almost all other parts of church are also painted with diverse religious motives.

Opening hours

Every day from Wensday to Monday from 9:00 – 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00.
Closed on Tuesdays.

How to get there

Take a motorway “Ljubljana - Koper” and exit Črni Kal. Continue to Sočerge and Buzeta. We you see the sign for Hrastovlje turn left and search for a parking lot nearby.