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Hrelic Flea Market
Hrelic Flea Market
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Visit the most famous flea market in Croatia!

Sajmišna cesta, 10010, Zagreb

Tourists simply love this flea market. It has a special vibe to it and it has almost anything you could think of!


If you want a special and unique shopping experience, you need to visit Hrelić flea market! You can find clothes, shoes, bags, old books… Anything that comes to your mind! If you’re traveling with kids, don’t worry! You’ll find something for them too! There are many kid’s toys there which you could buy for your little ones! Also, you can find many art pieces there, so if you like to collect pretty pieces of paintings, that’s where you’ll have to go!


If you get hungry or if you’re simply a foodie, you can find some places with nice traditional cuisine.


One information you should definitely know is that the flea market isn’t in the centre of the city but rather on the edge of it, so you’ll have to travel there, or take a really long walk (if you like walking).


All in all, this place is fun and relaxing! Spend an afternoon there and you’ll see it for yourself!



Opening hours

every Wednesday and Sunday