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Hrvatski Muzej Arhitekture
Hrvatski Muzej Arhitekture
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Visit them so you could learn more about the history of Croatian architecture!

Ul. Ivana Gorana Kovačića 37, 10000, Zagreb

The Croatian Museum of Architecture opened its doors in 1995. Its biggest and most important task is to gather information and documentation from the last century as well as from this one.


Many blueprints can be found in the archive of this museum from different architects. It also has drawings, mock ups, photographs, motion pictures and all sorts of other documentations.


The museum doesn’t have a permanent exhibition, so the best option is to folow them on the internet and if they put something you like on display, hurry up and visit them!


They are open from Monday till Friday (from 10 AM till 4 PM), so don’t even try to visit them on weekends or holidays.


This museum is interesting if you want to learn something about Croatia’s cultural heritage. You can literally walk in here and check out the photos, documents and every other fun stuff they have on display and see for yourself how Croatian architecture and culture developed throughout the years! Also, if you’d like to do your own research, you can do that too, you just have to clear it with the museu first and they’ll help you out with their documentations and other sorts of things you’ll need.


All in all, if you like to learn and you’re a fan of history, this will be a really fun place for you!

Opening hours

always from 10:00-14:00; except national holidays