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Hrvatsko Zagorje

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY
Hrvatsko Zagorje
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A green piece of heaven located in northern Croatia

Šetalište Vilibalda Sluge bb 49 000 Krapina

Hrvatsko Zagorje is a region located in the northern part of Croatia. The thing that sets apart this region from others is its green landscapes: wherever you walk through or drive through, you will be resting your eyes on green hills, oak, beech and hornbeam forests. Hrvatsko Zagorje is intervened with hills, forests, vineyards, rivers, arable land and orchards.


Visitors will be able to see a vineyard on every hill with an accompanying cellar, where you can drink vine and try some homemade sausages. This part of the country is also known for many springs with hot thermal water. Hrvatsko Zagorje does not have any natural lakes, but people made an effort and dug up large holes which later turned into seven lakes.


Many people come to this wonderful region to have a vacation and to take a break from the business world. People build or buy cottages in order to have a place to go for a weekend. Life there is slower than in the rest of the country. The region is famous for its rural tourism and has a lot to offer to anyone who visits.


Many beautiful small towns have situated here and offer visitors a chance to see museums, to vine and dine in great local restaurants and enjoy local cuisine, such as strudel and turkey.


Zagorje is a region rich in history, especially rich in beautiful castles. Another great thing to try while visiting is a trip to the many castles which date from 13th century.


Hrvasko Zagorje is a place where you will take a moment for yourself, lean back and enjoy the scenery, surroundings, vine and dine in a good company, and have a great vacation.

How to get there

Take the highway Zagreb - Krapina, and exit at Zabok; you will find yourself in the heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje.