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Photo credit: Örlygur Hnefill / Foter / CC BY
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Have an amazing time in the enchanting town of Húsavík!

Húsavík, Northeast Iceland

It is great to enjoy the never-ending energy and opportunities offered by the largest city in Iceland – Reykjavik – yet it is as nice and exciting to visit some of the smaller towns that despite their Nordic locations will give you a warm welcome. One such destination is the adorable town of Húsavík – a true gem in Northeast of Iceland. There is lots to see and do in Húsavík and nearby so by my personal experience I would plan at least 2 days if you do not want to rush.


If you are the fan of outdoor activities and sports, certainly do some horseback riding in Saltvik (5km from Húsavík) where an experienced guide and trainer will explain you everything about Icelandic horses and lead you trough the astonishing Icelandic landscape. Húsavík also is a perfect location for those who adore hiking and being as close to the nature as possible. There are several trails and footpaths available and you can even chose what you would like to see the best: the beauty of the coast, the wonderful lakes and the birds living there or you prefer climbing up some mountains e.g. Húsavíkurfjall.


Since Húsavík is a perfect location where to set off for whale watching Húsavík Whale Museum has been established. There 10 whale skeletons are being exhibited and pretty much everything related to whales is being explained. Special selection of documentaries can be viewed at the museum and it is family-friendly place since it also contains special area for the kids in case they are not too excited by the exhibition itself.


Speaking of architecture of Húsavík, one must point out that the most prominent landmark in Húsavík is its main church that was built in 1907. The red-and-white sacral building looks gorgeous not only from outside but it is also worth paying attention to its interior which contains some neat altar paintings.


While in Húsavík you should not miss a chance to stop-by in one of the best houses of handicrafts in Iceland. At Kaðlín you will find vast selection of traditional Icelandic art and craft pieces such as famous Icelandic woolen sweaters. Some local food products can also be purchased there and it is generally great place where to seek for more authentic souvenirs to be brought back home from the land of ice and fire.


How to get there

Húsavík can be reached by various means of transport. The most popular one among tourists of course is going there by a car. However, it is also possible to be reached by plane from Reykjavik with Eagle Air (there are 10 flights per week) or using Strætó Bus Services.