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Idrija Miner’s House

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Traditional house in which miners lived with their families is now an UNESCO heritage site

Bazoviška ulica 4
5280 Idrija
Most of the attractions in Idrija can be seen only with a local guide. Visit TIC (Tourist Information Centre) in Idrija to get more information about possible visits.
Adults: 3.00 EUR
Children: 2.00 EUR

Idrija was once an important mining city and many people came to live here to work in the mine. Miners usually brought their families with them when they moved here, but the mining salaries were not big and owning a house was not something most of them could afford. And that is why traditional Miner Houses were built.


The miner houses were actually just a bit different from residential buildings, with the capacity for three to four families. The best apartment was always reserved for the owner and his family. Other apartments were available for rental for two to three mining families.


Idrija used to be full of those traditional houses, but they almost completely disappeared. The Traditional Miner’s House is now renovated and transformed into a museum, representing the traditional everyday life of the miners and their families. Furniture, accessories and traditional rooms are restored and can be seen in this house. Although it is small, it is well worth of visiting.


You will need to make prior arrangements to visit the inside of the Traditional Miner’s House. You can make the arrangement in the TIC in Idrija or over the internet. A local guide will escort you into the house and give you a guided tour.

Opening hours

If you want to see the inside of the house, arrange a guided tour in the TIC (Touristic Information Centre).

How to get there

If you start your way on the Aumerški trg Square, walk up the steep street across to a bar. Pass the Francis' Shaft and a small parking lot. You will be able to see the miner's house from the parking lot, as it is located a bit higher on the hill.