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Inat House

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The best-known restaurant in Bosnia with an interesting history behind

Veliki Alifakovac 1, 71000 Sarajevo
Famous restaurant with best of local Bosnian cuisine

Inat House (Spite House) is a building in Sarajevo, close to Bascarsija.


Inat House was originally built to be the City Hall. In order to construct the building, it was necessary to bring down two inns and a private house. The hostels were demolished, while the owner of the house the old Benderija requested that a compensation payment of bags of gold coins in exchange for his land after much hesitation. The original City Hall was located on the other side to the river and it had to be moved brick-by-brick to its new location.


The locals around the area started referring to it as “Spite House” out of rage.


Although Spite House follows mainstream and recognizable details of Bosnian architecture during the Ottoman period, a series of unusual details makes this house a very unique and interesting building. The design itself is very successful and expresses the character of architects, owners and builders as well as the history of evolution of the project itself.


The building now serves as a restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Bosnian cuisine.


Opening hours

11:00 - 22:30

How to get there

It is located in the centre of Sarajevo