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Information Centre Trenta Lodge

Information Centre Trenta Lodge
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Start discovering Triglav National Park in Trenta Lodge

Turistično društvo Soča – Trenta,
5232 Soča
Restaurant and snack store is also located here.
Here you can get all the information you need to start your day in Triglav National Park.
Ticket price for a tour of Centre Trenta Lodge:
Adults: € 5
Children, students and seniors: € 3.5
Children under the age of 5: free
Family ticket: € 12 (Two adults + two children)

Trenta Lodge is an important information center and for most visitors a starting point to the Triglav National Park. This is the place where you can find additional information about the park, routes, and nature, about behavior and restrictions in the park and to buy some last minute resources (like food and books) to make your trip to the park easier. You will also find some lovely souvenirs in the Information center, Trenta Lodge. Individuals and smaller groups can spend a night or two here, with prior arrangement.


You can also enjoy a tour of Centre Trenta Lodge, which includes a nice video presentation of Triglav National Park, the exhibition of interesting facts about nature and culture in the park and other temporary exhibitions. You will also see an interesting video about the underwater world of River Soča. A Smaller museum dedicated to Trenta Valley is also located in the Centre Trenta Lodge.


Information center Trenta Lodge is also a great place for culture lovers, as a small museum dedicated to the nature of Triglav National Park has been arranged in it. Visiting the museum is definitely the best possible way to start your day in Triglav National Park, as you will get all the interesting facts about the park, video projections, terrain projections, ethnical exhibition, stuffed animals displays and much more.

You will also find information about tours with local guides and on how to explore the park on your own in the Information center Trenta Lodge.

Opening hours

From January to November: 10:00 – 14:00 and 10:00 – 18:00

How to get there

From Bovec choose the direction Trenta (Soča) or from Kranjska Gora, direction Trenta.