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Island of Susak

Photo credit: Susak-view-of-town-beach" by MarkDhawn - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Island of Susak
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A beautiful island made up of layers of loess

Susak 96A, 51561, Susak, Croatia
Susak is part of a group of islands called Cres-Losinj in the Adriatic Sea, in the coast of Croatia. This particular island is geologically different from other Croatian islands because it is formed by layers of loess on a limestone cliff and it is characterized by specific speech and folk costumes. The island is a geographical phenomenon, and it is protected by the government. Building on it is prohibited. However, this wasn’t always the case: it was densely populated in the former Yugoslavia. Mass emigration from the island began in 1964, after the introduction of wine tax in Croatia.

The thing that sets part Susak from other islands along the coast of Adriatic see is the fact that the island has many sandy beaches and yellow dust. There is no other similar island in the whole Mediterranean. However, getting to the island is a completely different issue, and finding a place to stay even bigger issue. The island has stayed off the tourist radars, and there is a small number of visitors on the island throughout the year. The island of Susak remained a natural paradise and one of the rare untouched nature sites. The island itself has no roads, no clubs; basically nothing interferes with this oasis of peace, quiet, and nature.

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How to get there

Driving: Zagreb - Rijeka highway. Exit Rijeka and continue by ferry to Rijeka - Cres - Unije - Susak - Mali Losinj