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Jarun Lake

"Jarun Lake areal view" by Suradnik13 - Vlastito djelo postavljača. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Jarun Lake
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  • 1-2 km
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  • 1 hour or less
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The beautiful lake and recreational centre in Zagreb

Aleja matije ljubeka bb, 10000 Zagreb
Some restaurants with local cuisine
Jarun is Zagreb’s district, which contains the same name lake. There is a rowing path of length of 2 km. Lake Jarun, apart from the race field, consists of two connected lakes for swimming and recreation, Big Lake and Little Lake and six islands (Island of the Universiade, Tresnjevka Isle, Island of Croatian youth, Wildlife Island, Rowers and the Island of Love). Around the lake is paved road (approx. 6 km long) so the Jarun lake, both on hot summer days, and in the cold winter is a favorite gathering place for locals who want a variety of recreation (swimming, running, rollerblading, cycling, etc.). . In addition to recreational activities on Lake Jarun are regularly held rowing and sailing competitions in the Canoe Sprint, swimming marathons, athletic and cycling races, and more.

Opening hours

00 – 24, every day

How to get there

South of centre of Zagreb