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Jarun Lake

Photo credit: Suradnik13
Jarun Lake
  • (worth a detour)
  • Easy
  • Free
  • 2 hours
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Take a deep breath and dive into the famous lake of the city of Zagreb!

10110 Jarun, Zagreb

You can find this gem south of the city centre. People also call it “Zagreb Sea”, which is a cute nickname for the lake which is known for all the sporting options there. It has cyclist tracks, you can play water sports as well as team sports! You can even go for a nice little jog or do some parkour in the nearby street workout park!


If you’re not into doing sports, you can use the beach for sunbathing as well, or you can go for a simple and relaxing swim. You can visit it during the night as well, because there are a number of nightclubs nearby.


If you’re into photography, the lake will be a perfect location for taking some nice shots! Also, there are no fees, and the area around the lake is usually full of friendly locals. It’s the perfect place for making some new friends or just chilling with some strangers!



The bottom line here is: if you want to have a nice time and if you need some fresh air, you have to visit Jarun lake!

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