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Jarun’s Street Workout Park

  • (interesting)
  • less than 1 km
  • Moderate
  • Free
  • 2 hours
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Visit the street workout park and make new friends!

Aleja Matije Ljubeka, Jarun, Trešnjevka - jug, Zagreb, City of Zagreb, 10110, Croatia

What could be better than working on your body and being healthy? Well, working out next to a lake while breathing fresh air sounds much better!


Jarun’s street workout park is pretty famous and is highly visited!  You can work on your body using pull up bars, parallel bars, and monkey ladders. It’s a street workout park, so yeah, it doesn’t really have a big variety of equipment. But who says you can’t bring some of your own stuff?!


You can also do parkour and bootcamp style workouts, as well as Ninja Warrior trainings! That sounds pretty interesting, doesn’t it?! Add the fresh air to it and the fact that you’re right next to a beautiful lake and I bet you can’t resist the urge to try working out in Jarun’s street workout park!


Another plus is that the park is usually filled with people, so you can make new friends, or you can always ask someone to help you out with your workout plan!


Oh, and another bonus: it’s free!