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Jelasnicka Klisura

"Јелашничка река" by Срђан Митић - Срђан Митић. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
Jelasnicka Klisura
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Picturesque landscapes, preserved geomorphological characteristics and natural values

Village Jelasnica (Jelašnica) southeast of city of Nis, 15km from the city and 3km from Niska Banja
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Jelasnicka Klisura (Jelasnica Gorge) is part of the river valley Jelasnica caused by extensive vertical cutting of its water flow in limestone rock mass, in the western branch of Suva Planina. It is located in the City Municipality of Niska Banja to the city of Nis. Jelasnicka Klisura since 1995 has the status of Nature Park as a natural resource of great importance, in order to preserve natural resources and endemic species of plants, which are found there. Jelasnica Klisura has the colorful landscapes, preserved geomorphological characteristics and natural values with mostly preserved natural ecosystems and unique flora and fauna. It was protected primarily to preserve habitats of natural rarities, endemic and relict species od Serbian ramondia (Ramonda serbica, Ramonda nathaliae), 39 Moesian, 20 Balkan and 6 Illyrian endemic and subendemic plants and preserving the rich and diverse morphological ornaments of Jelasnica River.

Opening hours

Every day 00-24

How to get there

By Highway Belgrade-Nis, exit Nis and by road to Niska Banja-Jelasnica