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Jelenov Greben

Jelenov Greben
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Deer farm and restaurant in Olimje Village

Jelenov greben, Olimje 90, 3254 Podčetrtek, Slovenija
Traditional Slovenian home-made cuisune, a large variety of home-made pastry
Entrance to the farm is free of charge, all other costs depend on your choice : you can visit restaurant for a cup of tea or coffee with or without home-made pastry (1 - 3 eur), or have a lunch (10 - 40 eur)

Whether you are traveling through Slovenia or spending a spa weekend at famous Rogaska Slatina or Terme Olimia resort, it’s always worth stopping for a couple of hours or even for a half of the day and enjoy relaxing and viewing unspoiled Slovenian nature. Family-run deer farm Jelenov Greben is definitely one of the best choices and is equally interesting for adults and for youngest guests.


Jelenov Greben is located on the hill, above Olimje Village. By the way, the village is also interesting and worth visiting as there you can find ancient monastery with famous medieval pharmacy, small private beer house and restaurant, and a chocolate shop.


Crossing the village and going up the hill to Jelenov Greben you should be careful, as deers seem to be the actual owners of this picturesque spot.  They are slowly crossing the road in front of your car, walking and gazing at new guests. If you are traveling with children, at this very moment screams of delight will start.


Jelenov Greben consists of a farm (plenty, plenty of deers everywhere!), a restaurant, a souvenir shop, and a wine shop. There is even a small guesthouse with a couple of rooms if you decide you are so much in love with deers that would like to stay and see them early in the morning again.


The restaurant at Jelenov Greben is definitely one of the best local cuisine restaurants of the region. Rustically furnished, it is unforgettable when visited in winter, decorated for Christmas. Here you can try meat and mushroom specialties of the region, and truly homemade traditional pastry, like apple strudel.


Close to the farm, there is an apple orchard, so don’t miss to taste and take with you some fresh and ecological apple juice. Here in Slovenia they really believe that “an apple a day keeps doctors away”.


The wine shop at Jelenov Greben is offering a wide selection of fine Slovenian wines, and if you are one of those people who consider wine to be the best country souvenir, take your chance to grab a bottle or two.


The souvenir shop is also worth visiting, as they have really original wooden souvenirs that will resemble you the day at Jelenov Greben.

Opening hours

Shop opening hours 08.00 - 19.00,
restaurant opening hours 08.00 - 22.00 (till 24.00 on Saturday)

How to get there

Follow the road to Olimje village, cross the village towards the hills, and follow the sign Jelenov Greben.
If you are staying in Terme Olimia hotels (the closest resort), you can get a taxi to Jelenov Greben, or take a ride at electric train which is on route from Terme Olimia to Olimje village in summer.

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