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Julian Alps

Julian Alps
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Breathtaking views in Slovenian Alps

Julijske Alpe, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia
Prepare yourself for traditional Slovenian alpine food i.e. goulash, spaghetti, or alpine stew followed by a light dessert
Organize a tour with a local tour operator
Tours in the Julian Alps tend to be less costly than those in Italian or Swiss Alps and in most cases you'll find yourself around more locals rather than the international jetset crowd at other popular Alps.

If your up for an adventure, you need to come hike the Julian Alps! Words can not describe the breathtaking views provided by the Alps (both from the ground and from the peak of the mountains). The Julian Alps overlooks the Soča river valley (click here to read the post about Soča) and two picture-perfect lakes: Bled and Bohinj (click here to read the post about Bohinj).


There are several hiking trails for you to choose from in the Julian Alps. One of which is on Mt. Triglav, the highest peak in the Alps. The trails are well maintained and do not have the busy crowds some other hiking attractions have. In addition to scenic hikes, Julian Alps is also home to small villages and gothic castles. During winter, you can visit Slovenia’s highest ski center on Mount Kanin.


Your best bet is to arrange your trip with a local tour operator. Trips range from 3-10 days and include native guides which will take you to local shops to experience true Slovenian culture. If you are lucky, you may even come across the diverse array of wildlife which the Alps is home to. Please note, reasonable fitness level is required for you to fully enjoy a trip like this. For example, you may come across some steep points where you need to use the Alpine ropes provided by the Alpine Association of Slovenia to proceed. However, if you are capable, it is 100% worth it! The serene environment provided by the Julian Alps is definitely a relaxing getaway from a busy city lifestyle.

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Julian Alps