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The lovely mountain with fortress

48269 Kalnik Croatia
Several restaurants with local cuisine in city of Krizevci

Kalnik is a mountain located in northwestern Croatia. Its length is about forty kilometers stretching from east to west and the width of ten kilometers. It is mostly overgrown bydeciduous forest, while the central part adorns the bare rock and mint where are large number of hikers, mountaineers and climbers. The highest peak is Vranilac (643 m). Mountain Kalnik have intersecting network of hiking, gravel and forest roads. The old town of Veliki Kalnik complex is a fortress made from the 12th century onwards on the mountain near the village Kalnik. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric and Roman times. The fort was first mentioned in 1243, when Hungarian King Bela IV emphasized its importance in the fight against the Tartars.

Opening hours

every day 0:00-24:00

How to get there

Highway Zagreb- Varazdin, exit Novi Marof and continue to Kalnik