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Photo credit: tomislavmedak via / CC BY
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A small village with a lot to offer!

Baranja, Croatia

Karanac is a small village in Osijek-Baranja county, Croatia.


The village is really nice and snug. We could definitely say that it’s a nice mix of old and new since there are both new and old-fashioned houses all around. The villagers are really friendly and warm, which means that if you need anything, all you have to do is knock on the neighbour’s door!


Karanac has a small store where you can buy food, coffee, bread and basic stuff you’d need like soap or toothpaste (if you forgot to bring those along). If you’d like to try some local cuisine or if you’d just like to sit down and drink something, you can visit the Baranjska Kuća Inn.


Karanac is a village that’s close to many things, like the Baranja vineyards. You can go on a tour there and try some delicious Baranja wine! Batina is also fairly close, which is a historic site. You can also visit Beli Manastir, which is the only town in Baranja.


There’s another thing that’s really cute about this village, and that’s the fact that you can stay in old-fashioned houses. For a few days you can turn into a true villager from the past. You’ll sleep on beds that our ancestors slept on, you’ll wake up to the call of the roosters, and most importantly, you’ll be able to fill your lungs with fresh and clean air!


This is a really nice opportunity for you to experience something new and calming. If you need some time away from the noise of the city, this will be perfect for you!


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