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Karandila Lift

Photo credit: Nedko via / CC BY
Karandila Lift
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Karandila Lift

Area Karandila 1, Sliven

Karandila Lift is located close to the city of Sliven in the “Stara Planina” mountains. Sliven is an average size Bulgarian city that is situated in central Bulgaria. Next to the city and the lift is the major Bulgarian highway – A1. The highway connects the West part of Bulgaria to the East part of Bulgaria. From the capital Sofia to the city of Bourgas. Another big city close to Sliven is called Yambol. The fact that Sliven is located just next to this highway makes the place easily accessible for tourists. There are plenty of Russians that visit Sliven on a regular basis. The lift itself was built in 1974 on 987 meters above the sea level.

The duration of the lift ride is 20 minutes. During these 20 minutes you will climb the mountains and experience spectacular views. The best moment of the lift ride is when the lift takes you over the local spring. The region is famous with strong winds and this is why you should visit the lift during the summer. I had been to several lifts around the world in this one is one my top ones. It is not because the lift structure is modern, but because of the views which you can see while climbing the mountain. The lift carries you to the top of the mountain. You should really thank the lift, because he saves you 2-3 hours of hiking up the mountain on a 4 kilometers long mountain road.

On the top of the mountain you can visit the spectacular “Blue Stones” park. In this park you can see some wonderful and huge rocks that stand on the edge of the cliffs. One of the best pictures that you can ever take can be captured in the Blue Stones park. There are some historic places that are located in the park. The reserve Tuida is situated in the middle of the Blue Stones park. You can check the Roman fortress from the 3th century and feel the vibe of the Romans. Through the valley of river Manastirska you can visit 24 different monasteries that were build between the 13th and 14th centuries. Another interesting thing to see at the Blue Stones park is the local lake. There is a small waterfall that also deserves some attention from the toursits. Around Blue Stones park, there are plenty of cabins and hotels that you can visit. Also do not forget to buy some bread from the bakery on the top of the mountain. I guarantee you that even if you are not a bread fan you will like this bread.

How to get there

The place is located just outside of the city of Sliven