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Kizilay Square in Anakara

Kizilay Square in Anakara
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The main square of the Turkish capital

Kizilay Square, Ankara, Turkey

Considered to be the main square of this bustling city, Kizilay Square is a wonderful place to walk around, look at people and enjoy a glass of Turkish tea. It is situated in the center of the Kizilay district, which got its name after the Turkish Red Crescent (the same as European Red Cross) hospital located here. In Turkish, the name of the organization is Kizilay Derneği.


Stroll around the fountains, or just sit down on one of the numerous benches and enjoy peoplewatching. If you get bored, go to one of the numerous cafes and enjoy your freshly-baked simit with Turkish coffee or tea. Don’t forget to visit the famous Kızılay AVM shopping mall. This place used to be the headquarters of the Turkish Red Crescent for a long time, from 1929 till 1993, when the construction was demolished and the mall building was erected.


On weekends and public holidays the square is frequently a place of different free events and festivals, which is a great possibility to discover the Turkish culture deeper – and for free.

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How to get there

Almost all bus lines in Ankara go to Kizilay. There also stations of two metro lines.