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Kobarid Museum

Kobarid Museum
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Reliving the dark history of Soča Valley

Apartmaji MAŠERA,
Gregorčičeva ulica 10
5222 Kobarid
Local restaurants in Kobarid and its vicinity. Local dessert is called "kobariški štruklji" and it’s made from dough stuffed with walnuts and raisins.

Kobarid Museum is highly appreciated and also an award winning museum in Slovenia and Europe.  It is dedicated to the most tragic historic era of this area of Slovenia, to World War I. Museum was awarded many times, even with the most prestige Slovenian award for museums. Arranged group visits take about 1 hour and a half, and include 20-minute long documentary (available in many languages). Individual visitors do not need a prior arrangement.

All the exhibitions in Kobarid Museum are dedicated to World War I. Permanent exhibition includes maps with the fronts from the WWI, with new borders after the end of WWI, flags, portraits of soldiers from the war and gravestones from the war era. On the first floor of the museum are three rooms, dedicated to the history of Kobarid. The second floor is dedicated to the most terrible battle that happened here, Kobarid battle. Temporary exhibitions are very common and are usually connected with one of the aspects of war here. Check current exhibitions on the museum homepage.


Although war is never easy, Kobarid battle was especially hard. Soldiers did not expect a war to last so long and most of the soldiers were young boys, going to battle for the first time in their life. They did not expect the hard terrain, long days without fresh water, cold and meters of snow. Governors promised them the war will be over in a few weeks. It lasted for 29 months. Many soldiers never returned to their homes, but they left part of their souls in the letters, pictures and other objects that can now be seen in Kobarid Museum.

Take time to listen to the stories of lost soldiers and their miseries. Kobarid Museum holds a great collection of war exhibits, video projections, reliefs, and other utilities used in WW1. Tour guides can be found who can speak in several languages and you can even visit various battlefields in Kobarid vicinity.

Opening hours

April – September: 09:00 – 19:00
October – March: 10:00 – 17:00

How to get there

Kobarid Museum is located about 2 hours from Ljubljana, very close to Italy and to Triglav Nature Park. Best way to arrive Kobarid is to take a road through Idrija.