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Kodaikanal – The Princess of Hill Stations

Photo credit: Ramkumar
Kodaikanal – The Princess of Hill Stations
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Kodaikanal or Kodai is known as the "Princess of Hill Stations"

Kodaikanal Tamil Nadu India
Kodaikanal is in Tamil Nadu - South India. Undoubtedly, the main delicacies here predominantly include South Indian food which is distinguished by the usage of coconut, curry leaves, coconut oil, and tamarind. However, being a favourite amongst tourists from all over the country and abroad, the cuisine in Kodai has adapted a lot of of North Indian and International recipes. Hotel New Punjab is arguably known to serve the best tandoori chicken in South India. Cloud Street, on the other hand, is known for its remarkable Italian-style wood-fire pizza oven. You would find the menu here includes falafel, hummus, nachos alongside pepper steak, Spanish omelette, and pastas. Both the eateries are on PT Road which is known to house many other diners and restaurants.
If you enjoy exploring new places on foot, Vattakanal walk, which is about 4.5 km each way from the town centre, is worth your time. You can spot gaur (bisons) and giant squirrels in the forest areas (if you are lucky). The landscape changes as you take the walk towards Vattakanal but maintains its panoramic beauty. By the end of the walk, you would find yourself at the Dolphin's Nose - a rock vantage point hanging over a steep drop.

Kodaikanal or Kodai is a misty hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. It is often known as Ooty’s little sister (another famous hill town in Tamil Nadu), so much so, that Ooty is often referred to as the “Queen of Hill Stations” while Kodai is called the “Princess”. Apart from its picturesque views over the Kodaikanal Lake, the hill town of Kodai is also famous as the location of the prominent Kodaikanal International School, which sees students from all over the world, hence giving the town its cosmopolitan vibe.


Kodai also happens to be a part of the Western Ghats and you can evidently witness patches of shola forests which are an uncommon characteristic of the Western Ghats. Other distinctive floras found in the region include mahogany, magnolia, rhododendron, and myrtle. Kodai is also home to the rare plant species kurinji shrub – lilac blue in color. It is known for its periodic blossoming once every 12 years. Next probable due date is 2018.


With its magnificent green mountains, breezy waterfalls, and picture-perfect landscapes, Kodai is most famous amongst honeymooners in the country.


Activities that you can indulge in during your stay in the town include boating trips – rent a pedal boat or a kashmiri shikara from the Kodaikanal Boat and Rowing Club; cycling – there are a few rental shops around the lake which rent bicycles to interested cyclists for INR20/hour or INR200/day (approx.); horse-riding stands – they cost around INR60/500m or INR300/hour. Apart from these, you can also indulge in walking around the lake or nearby areas such as Coaker’s Walk. If you wish to get involved into some serious trekking, you need to obtain a permit from the Forest Department. First contact the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Chennai), and then District Forest Office (Kodai). You can also contact Kodai’s tourist office or hotels/hostels such as Greenland Youth Hostel who can help you get in touch with local guides who claim to offer off-the-beaten-path local routes for INR1000-1500 per day (approx.).


Some other important places of attraction include:

  • Sacred Heart Natural Science Museum (flora and fauna from over 100 years including giant moths, bottled snakes, and stuffed animal cadaver)
  • Bryant Park (famous with locales, tourists, and love-smitten couples)
  • Green valley View
  • Pillar Rocks
  • Moir’s Point
  • Berijam lake (surrounded by forest and requires a permit from the Forest Department)
  • Silver Cascade Waterfall
  • Bear Shola Falls


Tourists can choose between budget accommodation options such as Snooze Inn which offers rooms with wi-fi for INR800-1000 (approx.). The more opulent option will be to stay at hotels such as Villa Retreat which offers rooms with breakfast and wi-fi for INR2500-5000 (approx.) and Mount Pleasant which offers rooms with breakfast and internet for INR2000-4000 (approx.). If you are travelling with friends or solo and prefer the backpacker style of travelling, Greenlands Youth Hostel provides dorm rooms starting INR250.

Opening hours

Kodaikanal can be visited throughout the year. November to January is the winter season when the temperature falls to 20 degrees maximum and 6 degrees minimum. The region sees summer from March to May and it is also the perfect time for indulging in adventure activities such as trekking. June to September is mainly the monsoon season. It is perfect for those who love nature and rain as the green surroundings of Kodai is at its most beautiful self during the rainy season.

How to get there

The nearest airport is Madurai (approx. 120 km). Other close by airports include Coimbatore and Trichy which are 175 km and 150 km away (approx.). You can easily get a bus from here to Kodaikanal.

You can also choose to take the train and get down at Kodai Road which is 100 km from the main town. Take a taxi from here to your destination, however, do not expect to negotiate much as taxis are the main source of transportation between the town and the station.

Alternatively, you can also take the bus to Kodaikanal. The town is well connected with bus services from Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Palani, Theni, Kodai Road and a few more.