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Photo credit: Victorgrigas
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A unique Mayan site, famous for its stone carved masks

Kohunlich  is a Mayan archaeological site that covers an area of 85,000 square kilometers and is surrounded by a sub-tropical rainforest. Settled in 200 BC, the site contains pyramids, citadels, plazas and many other structures, many of which remain unexcavated and covered by vegetation. It is believed that Kohunlich was an important trade center between nearby regions such as Petén.


Temple of the Masks

The site has become famous due to the Temple of the Masks, a pyramid like no other. With a central staircase decorated by huge stone-carved masks, the temple was built in a way in which the masks would be protected from decaying – the reason of their immaculate state to date. The pyramid itself was built around 500 AD and hence, it is one of the oldest structures in the site.