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Photo credit: Hotel Prvan
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An ethno village by the sea with tasty food and great drinks!


Kokorići is a beautiful and also typical Dalmatian village. Why typical, you ask? Because of the architecture and the way of life.


What you need to know about Dalmatian architecture is that they used a lot of stone material for building houses. They used stone materials because that’s what they had there. If you’ve ever been to Dalmatia, or if you’ve seen photos of it, you know that there’s a lot of stones laying around, so the locals took those stones and built some magnificent houses out of them!


They have an amazing, rich culture and tradition, and their local cuisine is, of course, amazing.


Also, if you want to see what our ancestors used for working around the house, or maybe cooking and for a lot of other things, you should definitely check out their ethnographic collection! You could learn a lot from checking it out!


They also have an Inn, where you can try local wine and food, so after a long day of looking around and researching, you can go and have a feast!


You can stay at this village and have the time of your life! The view is amazing, there are different seasonal events you can visit and all in all you can simply lay back and relax.


Kokorići is an amazing village with fresh air and lots and lots of things to see and do. Why miss this opportunity? Go, check it out!