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Kopaonik National Park

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One of the most important centers of biodiversity endemic flora of Serbia

Naselje Suvo Rudiste, 36354 Kopaonik
Some restaurants with local cuisine

Kopaonik National Park is located in the central part of Serbia. Because of its natural resources, in 1981 Kopaonik was declared a national park. Kopaonik National Park covers an area of 11 810 hectares and the number of endemic species makes it one of the most important centers of biodiversity of endemic flora of Serbia. Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in Serbia; extends from northwest to southeast about 75 kilometers, reaching in the middle of the width of about 40 km. Kopaonik is the most widespread fragmented forest-pasture zone of the central Serbia. On the higher parts, coniferous spruce and fir, and on the sides beech and oak forests grow.

Opening hours

During daylight

How to get there

By Ibar Highway Belgrade-Lazarevac-Ljig-Kraljevo-Raska and by road to Kopaonik