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Photo credit: misskukoljac / Foter / CC BY
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A national park made to suit everyone's tastes! From skiing to an archeological site to reggae music - all in one

Kopaonik is a mountain, located in central Serbia with an altitude of 2,017m. It is a well-known ski center and a national park.


Most of the tourists come to Kopaonik for skiing and snowboarding, since snow is present for more than 160 days a year. The ski resort has more than 20 ski lifts and 70 km of ski slopes for different categories. There is also a Snow Park for extreme skiers and snowboarders. A variety of hotels, as well as other accommodation facilities that can be found here, are suited for everyone’s pocket. Different manifestations are held on this mountain, suited for everyone’s taste. The most famous one being the Big Snow Festival, held annually (23. – 29. March) and featuring reggae, jazz and electronic music performers.


For those who can’t ski or prefer other activities, Kopaonik is a perfect place for outdoor activities and exploration. The national park spreads over an area of 118.1 square km. There is a large number of autochthonous plant species, like Serbian spruce (Panciceva omorika) and several kinds of pine, oak and maple. There are also many bird species: woodlark, rock partridge, red-backed shrike and many others, that bird lovers might enjoy.


Kopaonik offers a lot of historical and cultural attractions that are worth seeing. Some of them are:


    • Sky chairs (Nebeske stolice), an archeological site with a Christian church from the 5. or 6. century.
    • Shrine of Metodje, a small church built in stone, where people used to hide from the Turks. And not far from the shrine, there is a geyser, also a beautiful thing to see.
    • Valley of the lilacs – King Uros I planted lilacs here as a symbol of love for his wife, Helen of Anjou.
    • Jelovarnik waterfall, the highest waterfall in Serbia (71 m). There are hiking tours to this place, and it is a real adventure. There is also an old legend regarding this waterfall: if a girl takes a boy here, he will marry her. Which is only one more reason to go.


Kopaonik is a real jewel in Serbian tourism. No matter the season, the mountain always looks great and offers a huge variety of activities, it is a great place to enjoy nature as well as winter sports.

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