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Koper Cathedral

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Serene sanctuary in the heart of Koper, Slovenia!

Koper 6000 Koper
With close proximity to the Italian border, many people in this area speak Italian. So, if you don't speak Slovenian, but you speak Italian, you are in luck!

Koper’s Church of the Assumption, currently known as the Koper Cathedral sits right in the center of the small town, Koper, between Tito and Brollo Square. This ancient church dates back to the 12th century when it was built and its bell tower is currently home to one of the oldest bells in Slovenia.


The architecture of the Cathedral is very unique. The facade is a fusion with Gothic style on the lower half and a Renaissance style on the upper half. Unlike its gloomy exterior, the interior of the church has a warm classical white setting.


On the right end of the church stands the Bell Tower. The bell hanging here dates back to 1333 and is actually one of the oldest bells in Slovenia. Visitors may have the opportunity of going up the tower to its terrace. If you have this opportunity, I highly suggest you do this! The views of Bay of Trieste are absolutely stunning.

This church is still in operation. If your visit is during a time of prayer, it is worth the experience to stay for the service.