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Kozak Plateau

Photo credit: Hotel Lespergamon
Kozak Plateau
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The wonderful place that smells like heaven

Perperene, Izmir, Turkey

The city of Bergama was founded many centuries ago and is well known for its history and ruins. Many people come here to see ancient temples and the old ruins. Unfortunately, not many tourists know about the natural beauty and places to admire that are not within, but still close to the city.


Just twenty kilometers out of Bergama, you can find a real paradise – the pine valley. It is situated on an altitude of 500 meters over the sea level and found its place on the slope of the Maya Hill close to the Mountains of Madra. This region is widely known among locals for the quick growth of fir-trees and pines, though they grow on the quite unfertile granite terrain. There is an assumption that the plateau takes its name after “kozalak” – a top of the pine tree which yields cones. That’s why the whole region (which also includes eight nearby settlements) is called Kozak. In general, pine trees cover the area of more than 15 thousand hectares. So it’s not a surprise that industry connected with these trees makes up more than a half of the region’s budget.


Tourists come here to admire the clean and fresh air filled with the pine aroma, to see the mountains and to enjoy the views of the Aegean sea. Looking to the west you can even see the legendary Greek island of Lesbos far in the distance. It is also well worth going to the center of this region – the Yurikabey village. This is one of the few places where you can buy pine nuts, as well as some well-known craftsman products – like carpets and kilims.


You can get there either by your own (or rented) car, or with the help of some companies providing special transfer. You can enjoy hunting or eco-tourism here as well as just rent some apartment and relax in this natural paradise.

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