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Kozjak Slap

Kozjak Slap
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Kozjak Slap, the hidden jewel waterfalls

Kozjak Slap
It is really worth the detour - you might want to bring your swimming suit for a dip.

For waterfalls lovers, a little-hidden treasure, only reachable on foot by following the Drežnica road in Kobarid, is the main point of interest of the region: the Kozjak Slap.


The Kozjak Slap consists of a succession of six waterfalls from the Kozjak stream which drops into one of the most important rivers in Slovenia: Soča. Only two of the six waterfalls can be seen: the last two, Veliki Kozjak and Mali Kozjak.


The most impressive part of the Kozjak Slap is indeed the Veliki Kozjak: a white 15 meters water drop into a mesmerizing blue and green water pond surrounded in a half-cave dome. The waterfall is seen by climbing little wooden stairs into a narrow wooden platform. Those who visited will surely say that the sight is worth the detour.


The Mali Kozjak is the smallest waterfalls of the six, with 8m water drop. Many adrenaline seekers jump from the Mali Kozjak into the little pond of water below.

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  • Kozjak Slap
Kozjak Slap