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Kranjska Gora

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Alberto Tomba or Jure Košir?

4280 Kranjska Gora
Try traditional dishes from Gorenjska! You will find many great family restaurants with long tradition and delicious food in Kranjska Gora.
Take some time and visit lake Jasna!

Kranjska Gora is a small town on the border of Triglav National Park. Quiet in summer, vibrant in winter. Kranjska Gora is a typical winter resort and probably most known ski center in Slovenia. It’s well known for the organization of Alpine ski World cup every February or March. Therefore the whole town of Kranjska Gora holds an image of tourist alpine town, usually found in Austria.


If you are not really an alpine skier, you can enjoy Kranjska Gora when cycling, jogging, hiking, exploring local river streams and enjoying this pristine environment.


Kranjska Gora is a place where ski lovers and those who come to see ski jumping in Planica will find a place to stay. Many hotels, rooms and other facilities are available here, among friendly locals and traditional Slovenian dishes.

Kranjska Gora is great in winter and summer months, with numerous activities, such as hiking and bicycling or just discovering this small, nice town. Also, many cultural and natural attractions can be found here, among them museum dedicated to alpinism, and traditional Slovenian houses transformed into museums. Stunning nature and natural attractions are located on basically every step.

One of the most recognizable symbols of Kranjska Gora is a statue of an ibex, located next to lake Jasna, about 3 km from the city center, on the main road to Vršič. Lake is a great opportunity for nice, easy walks and relaxation in nature. Kids can enjoy in feeding ducks, while adults can try to catch a fish or take few photographs of the amazing scenery.

How to get there

Kranjska Gora is located close to border with Austria and Italy. It is well connected to Ljubljana and Jesenice, and to Villach and Tarvisio.

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