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Krushunski Waterfalls

  • (no stars)
  • 1-2 km
  • Moderate
  • Free
  • 2 hours

Fascinating and enchanting waterfalls

You will find these delightful waterfalls in fascinating surroundings near Krushuna village. Everything here is so colorful and fascinating and you will just not know where to look. The water makes this place so green and the color of the water is so enchanting.


Krushunski waterfalls are a well-known attraction in Bulgaria and there are a lot of people here, especially in the warm days. Still, this place is peaceful enough and not the type of an overcrowded tourist attraction. The place is mainly visited by people who love nature and have some free time to reach and enjoy these beautiful waterfalls.


Because of the fascinating views you will probably want to make a lot of photos. You will surely have to wait a little the other tourists to do the same, especially on the most beautiful spots. And there are plenty of them. If you prefer less people around you, then avoid the weekends for visiting this attraction. The atmosphere here is so relaxing and you will be able to completely feel it, if you succeed to escape the crowds.


The tour around the waterfalls is not hard but you will need solid shoes. You will have to pass through a few wooden bridges and some rocks which are all wet and slippery.

Opening hours


How to get there

The waterfalls are located near Krushuna village in municipallity of Letnitza, approximately 30 km away from Lovech city. An ecopath which reaches the waterfalls starts from Krushuna village.