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Kurnikova Hiša

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Oldest House in Tržič, Kurnikova Hiša

Kurnikova pot 2
It is impressive to see such an old house, just at the corner of the main street in Tržič.
Adults: 2,50€
Children, student, seniors: 1,50€
Family: 5€
Preschool group: 1,00€
School group: 1,50€
Organized group (more than 10): 2,00€

The oldest house in Tržič is the well-preserved Kurnikova Hiša, its architecture dates from the mid-18th century.


  • In 1689, there was a big fire in Tržič, everything was burnt except the foundation of the house.
  • In 1811, the house was rebuilt from its original foundation.
  • In 1972, the Kurnikova Hiša was recognized as part of the Slovenian heritage and officially opened its doors to the public.

The ground floor of the Kurnikova Hiša kept the look of the 19th century and shows literature collection by Vojteh Kurnik who was the owner of the house and a literature collectors. The first floor is used for exhibitions.

Opening hours

Open during exhibitions and by appointment.

How to get there

Around 300 meters walk from the main bus station in Tržič