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Kutjevo Castle

"Kutjevo 01" by Dalibor Ribičić - Vlastito djelo postavljača. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.
Kutjevo Castle
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  • 1-2 km
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  • 2 hours
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Beautiful architectural complex of the castle

Ulica Zdenka Turkovića, 34340 Kutjevo
Some restaurants with local cuisine
Kutjevo Castle is the former residence of the Jesuits in Kutjevo, in Pozega-Slavonia County. The castle has three wings closing the inner courtyard, while the fourth side provides church. In northern sacristy of Virgin Mary is found a part of medieval frescoes, and in the south wing of the castle are contained substantial remains of the walls of the medieval abbey. The layout of the castle is an organization formed in the way of stringing room along the corridor, while the central room in the tower served as a dining room. Central polygonal tower is vertical with the bell tower of the church, the dominant accent in the entire complex, and is characterized by a picturesque roof in the form of bulbs, reconstructed according to the original state of a decade ago.

Opening hours

00 – 24, every day

How to get there

Highway Zagreb-Lipovac exit Luzhani and continue to Pozega and Kutjevo