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La Marquesa National Park

  • (worth a detour)
  • 10+ km
  • Easy
  • Free
  • full day
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A National Park where you won't feel like you're in Mexico

There are many restaurants located on the outskirts of the park. While here, try "blue tortillas", which are local to the area.

Parque Nacional Insurgente Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, commonly calledLa Marquesa” by locals (in fact, do not try to ask for directions using the official name, as most will have no idea what you are talking about!), is a national park more commonly visited on weekends by locals rather than foreigners. It is located on the Mexico City – Toluca highway and while there, you won’t feel like you’re in Mexico at all! It consists of a coniferous forest and many lakes. A variety of fauna resides in the park but the animals are hard to spot unless you go deep into the park as the resent humans. A half hour drive from Mexico City will get you to La Marquesa.


In the park, many activities are available including hiking trains, zip lining, horseback riding and more.


The park is not only home to incredible nature, it is also a historical region. Proof of human life exist as early as 650 AD. The first inhabitants where the Otomi people. Later on, “La Marquesa” it witnessed one of the battles of the Mexican war for independence from Spain.


Many restaurants are located on the skirts of the park (close to the highway), which offer delicious local food.