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Lake Bled

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Plan a romantic getaway on the dreamy coast of Bled Lake

Blejsko jezero
4260 Bled
Try traditional dessert Kremšnita, which was invented in Bled.

Bled is a very popular mountain town, and one of the most popular motifs in tourist brochures about Slovenia. It is especially famous for its amazing island in the middle of Lake Bled and for the stunning Bled Castle.


Bled Lake is quite similar to Bohinj Lake, but it is about half of its size and more popular among visitors from around the world. It is a nice, small lake, with arranged bathing places, boat trips and nice strolling paths around it.

Six kilometers long way around the lake is great for relaxing strolls, for family trips and for a romantic walk in the sunset. It will not take you more than 2 hours to get around the lake, and most of the path is located away from the main road.


It might not seem that much different than any other lake, but it has one amazing feature you will simply fall in love with – A small Island in the middle of the lake, with a nice church located on it. The island can be reached only by a boat and 99 stairs will lead you to the beautiful church dedicated to Virgin Mary and to the bell of wishes. Do not forget to make a secret wish when you ring the bell!


The church has a nice interior with four black altars and religious frescoes. The main altar is more prestige, with a nice renaissance charm. The most attention is usually given to a huge picture of Henrik II and his wife Konigunda, who used to live in the Bled Castle. (Read more about them and about an interesting legend in the post about Bled Castle!)


If you decide to visit Bled in the summer, you will be tempted to take a swim in the blue lake. And feel free to do so! Lake Bled is a natural bathing lake with natural thermal springs. Those thermal springs are the main reason the water gets quite warm in the summer, up to 23°C (74°F). Some hotels use thermal springs for their spa centers (Grand hotel Toplice, Hotel Park, and Hotel Golf).


Visit Bled and enjoy the fresh mountain air, nice lake breeze and romantic boat ride in the sunset. Take time and relax in the thermal waters, share your lunch with a group of hungry swans and treat yourself with a piece of delicious homemade Kremšnita.

Opening hours

Always open

How to get there

Take a highway from Ljubljana – Jesenice and exit at Lesce. Turn for Bled and you will arrive in Bled after 20 minutes.

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Lake Bled