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Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj
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A stunning mountain lake that looks like it came out of a fairy tale

Bohinjsko jezero
Triglavski narodni park
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Try freshly catch trout from the lake.
Visit Lake Bohinj in the summer. A bit colder temperatures, traditional events and many activities will make this a getaway you will never forget.

Lake Bohinj is the biggest natural lake in Slovenia and one of the most famous features of Triglav Nature Park. It is surrounded by huge mountains, magnificent forests and mysterious animals, and it offers a lot of activities for visitors.


Bohinj 3A walking route around the lake can be arranged and is about 11 km long. This is an easy forest path with some parts that are a bit more challenging. The route offers a lot of shadow, fresh air and lonely beaches where you can relax in the sound of intact nature.


Only one half of the lake is populated, and only three small villages can be found close to the lake: Ribčev laz (close to the lake), Ukanc (camping and ski Vogel) and Stara Fužina. Interestingly, there is no village actually named Bohinj, although the expression “going to Bohinj” is usually used among people when saying they are planning on visiting the Lake Bohinj.


You will find a nice forest camping ground on one side of the Lake Bohinj, close to the cable car to Vogel, almost 2000 meters high mountain and a ski centre.

Hotel Zlatorog and diverse holiday huts can also be found on this part of the lake. Ukanc and Ribčev laz are located directly by the lake, each on one side of the lake. They are connected by a main road and a walking route.

Climbing wall and climbing centre are located beside that road. Many interesting events take place at the climbing centre in the summer. Stara Fužina is another nice village, about 5 km from the lake.


You will surely start your day in Ribčev laz. A beautiful public beach is arranged here during summer, you can also find boat rental service here and many other activities that you can choose from.

Bohinj Lake is also great for swimming, but only if you don’t mind the cold water. Some parts of the lake are more than 20 meters deep, while the deepest part is more than 45 meters deep. Water temperature is from 1.6°C (35°F) in winter and up to 23°C (74°F) in the summer.


Lake Bohinj is still not overwhelmed by tourists and it managed to preserve its unique local charm. Gorgeous blue mirror-like water, intact nature, total relaxation and many mysterious bays will take you away from the everyday stress and you will return back home renewed and full of energy.

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How to get there

The best way to arrive to Bohinj Lake is to drive from Bled, through Bohinjska Bistrica to the village Ribčev laz. You will find numerous parking lots around the lake, especially in Ribčev laz.

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