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Lake Garda

Photo credit: motumboe / Foter / CC BY
Lake Garda
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One of Italy's most stunning sights

Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) is located in norther Italy, close to the city of Verona and it is the largest lake in Italy. In fact, three provinces are home to the lake: Verona, Brescia and Trentino.


The region was formed by glaciers during the Ice Age and this is still evident to date. The northern part of the lake is surrounded by glorious mountaints and the lake itself is full of tiny islands.


There are many villages and larger towns located around the lake, the most famous one being the town of Sirmione, a popular touristic destination with a spa complex, restaurants, hotels, markets and even a castle: the Scaliger castle.


Lake Garda also witnessed many battles, including the Battle fo Lake Benacus (another name for Lake Garda), where the Romans defetead the Alamanni in 268; The Battle of Rivoli, Italy against Austria; The Battle of Solferino, in 1859. A village in Salo, on the shores of the lake was also a nexus for military operations and communication during the second World War.