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Lake Geneva

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Beauty spanning across two countries – Adventure lover’s dream

Genève-Quai Gustave Ador
French cuisine with a bit of Swiss German

Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe, crossing over the Swiss cantons; Geneva, Vaud and Valais. It also spans into France and can be alternately called “Lake Léman” or “Genfersee” in German. Lake Geneva is popular for yacht racing and other high performance water sports. If you want to enjoy less adrenaline packed events, you can enjoy the Tour du Lac, the annual non-competitive rowing event that is also known to be the “world’s longest non-stop rowing event”. This is one of the most beautiful ways to explore all the small cities and towns that snuggle up to the lake from Switzerland to France. Apart from all the relaxation you are bound to get while rowing until infinity, you will get to appreciate some magnificent examples of European architecture, quant little towns and the cool breezes upon the water.

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