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Lake Lugano, Lugano Switzerland

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Spectacular blue waters – Excellent destination for any season

Lago di Lugano

Lake Lugano is a glacial lake which is located in the city of Lugano and borders Switzerland with Italy. It is also situated between Lake Como and Lago Maggiore. Although the lake itself is simply gorgeous with blue waters that have not been dimmed by pollution, it is the water activities that you can partake in that make this, a must for visiting. You can enjoy a selection from 30 lake cruises, rent a boat to go off on your own, or seek high elevation to enjoy the lake from the aerial view of the mountains. There are lake taxis to enjoy and nautical ship yards to explore, not to mention the Restaurants, Hotels and Grottoes with mooring posts along the lake. As if you need more persuasion, there are also the towns of Gandria, Melide, Morcote and Caslano, which nestle along the lakeshore. Each is worth a stop if you are in your rented boat, or taxing on the lake taxis. For those of a sportier bent, there are underwater sports, windsurfing, nautical skiing, sailing, rowing and fishing activities. With this lake, nature conspired to create scenic views and romantic spots for a getaway excursion. It is definitely a must for any visitors to Lugano.


Lido di Lugano is a swimming resort that caters to families and tourists. Located in the city of Lugano, in Italian speaking Ticino, Lido is a place which endears itself to everyone who goes there. Unlike bigger resorts that are too cosmopolitan to be enjoyed, Lido is full of charming features like the beach bar with real beach sand when everybody knows that there is no beach in Ticino. Even the expected swimming facilities are created in such a way as to create engagement with everybody such as the super-fun pool with trampoline. Visitors can expect to enjoy water activities in an Olympic Swimming pool, or shorter laps in a more middle swimming pool. There is also the much loved trampoline pool, the children’s pool with water play stations, a beach volleyball court and of course, for the football lovers, there is a football pitch. To offer sustenance for all the fun you’ll be having at Lido di Lugano, the resort offers a self-service restaurant, the Beach Bar Chiringuito and special event themed offerings.

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